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Squirrels that invade homes and business cause thousands of dollars in damage every year.  A squirrels teeth will continually grow and they must chew to keep their teeth at a healthy level. Although squirrels are still considered rodents they have earned their place in nuisance wildlife removal and have been differentiated from pest control.

Greensboro, NC Raccoon Removal by trapping

Greensboro, NC Raccoon Removal by trapping

Pest control companies in Greensboro, NC tend to use poisons to alleviate the issue and fix the pest control rodent issue in Greensboro. The big problem with poisons and squirrel extermination is the fact that the squirrel that ingests the poison will from time to time die in the wall, attic or even in the heating ducts.

Another problem with poison is the fact that it is a temporary fix. Killing the squirrel in the house does not fix the problem and eventually a new squirrel will find its way in!

Squirrels love attic spaces because it can provide a great place to have young squirrel babies in the attic. Once the female squirrels have there babies it will be a matter of weeks before the babies become adolescents. The Adolescent squirrels will become more and more active and the cycle of of noises in the attic space will and can keep humans in the dwelling awake at night.

Attic entry, Roof entry

Attic entry, Roof entry

Once a squirrel has found its way into an attic space squirrel removal and squirrel trapping is the first step in squirrel control. Once the trapping process is complete an exclusion or repair work and clean up of the squirrel damage is required to ensure that no future nuisance wildlife conflicts happen in the future.

Susan called about squirrel removal in Greenboro, NC. Squirrel removal in Greensboro North Carolina was a major concern for Mary in wINSTON sALEM. Greensboro’s own Janet spoke about the squirrel issues she was having and how the wildlife pro came and helped her with her squirrel trapping issue. Harley thought hard about humane trapping of the squirrel in his clients home! Karen heard noises in the walls and couldn’t sleep. Rat removal is the same as rodent removal which translates to squirrel removal in Greensboro, NC. What is squirrel removal practices in Greensboro, NC. High Point squirrel removal, Archdale  NC Squirrel removal, Greensboro pest control and John’s squirrel removal issue doesn’t match. Pest control and squirrels don’t go together. Sox and squirrel control in Greensboro can have a deer recession and a bat flying issue with opossum traps. I made a squirrel snadwhich with bat meat and raccoon feces.

When a man steps on a squirrel it will bite him. trash removal practices  in Greensboro’s house attic may have raccoon crap and squirrel urine in the crawlsapce and the metal roofing.

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The Wildlife Professionals for both residential & commercial customers .We offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon or other critter, we have the experience and the tools to quickly and professionally solve your problem.
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